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As It Stands is a California based architectural consulting firm established in 2001 that provides quality assurance and property inspection services to a variety of clientele throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

With over 30 years of professional experience in architectural design, project management and construction administration, our staff has delivered on a variety of project types, including hospitals, schools, commercial and multi-family structures, and historic properties. The firm’s insights on construction methods, codes and regulation, and environmental design combine to form an integrated approach when assessing complicated building conditions.

We work with public agencies and businesses as an agent or in collaboration with multidisciplinary design teams.

As It Stands is committed to reduce project expenditures and risk by providing clear and accurate

  • contract construction documents,
  • comprehensive plan reviews,
  • property condition assessments,
  • construction inspections and reporting,
  • as-built drawings and forensic research
  • architectural design
  • effective project management,
  • alternate regulatory compliance opinions, and
  • expert witness testimony.

The firm’s personnel are active on several state and organizational committees and lecture frequently on a wide range of topics, including accessibility, quality assurance in design and construction, and the development of building codes and regulations.